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The BeBop Drone

OK, you caught me on a drone kick.  When I was researching the Amazon drone I ran across a cool little drone that I really like and for a mere $450, you can film some incredible footage.  If you’re traveling on vacation and you really want a birds eye view of things, the BeBop drone is just the ticket.  It will shoot both video and still images through a fish-eye lens camera with 14 mega pixel camera.  It’s fairly small and quite maneuverable with all controls flowing through your smartphone app.  You can opt for some very cool upgrades such as a joystick controller and a military like control harness which gives you some added control and massive coolness.

Check out the video below and the amazing shots that this drone can shoot.

This drone can also fly indoors and comes with a set of bumpers to protect the blades should you bump into any walls.  It seems to have excellent stability and for good reason.  This drone spent a whole lot of time in the wind tunnel, a place where most drones are built to avoid.  Not BeBop.  BeBop can handle some strong breezes with ease due to some innovative designing and engineering.  Check out BeBop, I don’t believe you’ll find a better drone for the money.

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