MyBirdBrain is the result of a journey.  A journey into technology that began at Best Buy and traveled through Amazon, eBay, Groupon and more.  Searching for great deals on cool stuff and gadgets and trying to figure out how all this stuff works and why the heck would anyone want to own it?

girl-287138_640My wife wanted a computer but she’s not a techie by any means.  I traveled to the local technology emporium and talked with a blue shirt tech guru named Sylvia.  She showed me the latest Windows and Mac machines and I realized that this wasn’t going to cut it for my wife, so I started looking at tablets.  Most of these didn’t have a keyboard so I knew that this would pose a problem.  Sylvia tried her best to explain it to me however the jewelry that she wore in her tongue gave her a lisp and also kept clicking her teeth.  If that weren’t enough the rings in her lip kept moving back and forth as she spoke and the nostril ring hanging out of her nose seemed to have a booger stuck to it.  I couldn’t get the best look at it because the sapphire that was pierced through her brow kept reflecting the overhead light into my eyes so I couldn’t get a good focus. Sylvia tried to show me some Android tablets with keyboards like the Asus but by now my eyes had become tired and Sylvia’s orange and green hair was really playing tricks on my eyes.  I kindly thanked her and bid her a good night.

I decided to do my research online and headed home to check out Amazon and more.  Eventually I found a killer deal on Groupon and made the purchase.  My wife liked the tablet and it was a good fit for her, however I spent hours on research and realized that there were others in the same situation who could either be mesmerized or confused by Sylvia.

Did you really believe that story?  Awesome, I can’t wait to tell you more so just keep coming back and we’ll have some cool stuff to share!

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