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macaw-20282_640MyBirdBrain is dedicated to making your life a little easier.  We’ll focus on technology and how new inn0vations can make your life a little less complicated if you know what they are and how to use them.  Cell phones became popular in the 1990’s and in a short spam of 20 yrs. our little cell phones have become the hub central of our daily lives.  We can do most anything with a simple hand held device, a smart phone.  We now have cars that can park themselves.  Many manufacturers are working on cars that will completely drive themselves.  Audi has a car that runs a race track, completely unmanned at speeds of up to 200 mph.

The internet has changed the way we work.  People now have the option to work from home and home can be anywhere!  Some people can live anywhere in the world and login to their work just as if they were in the office next door.  Virtual teams are now the trend.  One company listed on the Inc. 500 has over 30 employees, only 4 of those are in the U.S. where the company is based and the rest are scattered around the globe.  You can now begin your own digital business with your only physical overhead being your laptop.  You can make money from anywhere you can access the internet.

Cameras are everywhere.  George Orwell wrote a book called “1984” and the book was written in 1949.  It talked about “big brother” a government entity who knew and saw everything.  Cameras and audio surveillance was everywhere and the government knew everything.  They also controlled everything.  Well, George was right, but it didn’t happen as soon as he thought.  Today the government knows when you sneeze.  Google spies on you to gather data on where you are on the internet.  Google maps shows the street views of nearly any street in the world and Google Earth can allow you to zoom in anywhere on a satellite view.  You just can’t hide.

The positives are that it’s much more difficult to get away with a crime.  You can also use these tools to confirm what people are telling you.  You can check a travel destination before going there.  Want a real live peek at the paradise resort?  Google it.  Trying to find a lost friend or relative?  Facebook is a good place to start.  Want to find a good deal on a new pair of shoes?  How about Twitter? Threw your back out playing with the kids? Simple Google up “chiropractor” and you’ll find that relief is just a short drive from you.

The world has become a very small place because of technology and the gang here at MyBirdBrain will be scraping the globe looking for cool stuff to help you with everything from cooking to cleaning to vacationing by taking advantage of technology.  By the way, some people have asked about why we are called MyBirdBrain?  As brilliant as human minds can be, sometimes we fell like complete bird brains when dealing with technology.  It’s our passion to make sure that you aren’t intimidated and know how and when to integrate the best technology into your life.  We don’t like confusion over technology.  We aren’t the most brilliant of minds here and we’ve embraced technology to allow us to look and feel smarter.

Albert Einstein was brilliant.  He has an IQ of 160 which is listed as genius.  The average human IQ is 95-105… feel dumb yet?  What the heck is IQ anyway?  I think that it’s the measure of the human ability to figure things out.  Einstein was pretty good at figuring things out, wouldn’t you agree?  Well, why not let technology help you when you fall a little short?  Just know when you need to get help and that my friend is genius.

When people were in school in the 1970’s they did math on paper.  They needed to figure it out.  In the 1980’s calculators because mainstream and the tide began to shift.  Soon they allowed them in school and kids became dumber… or did they?  Computers followed in the 1990’s and people became dumber yet.  Really?  OK, I need to make a caveat.  Yep, kids can’t do math on paper anymore and they don’t seem to know who the vice president is but in many ways they are still pretty smart.  Ever hear an older person who is confused with a computer say, “you need to find a 12 year old to run this thing”.  Yep, the brain has evolved and can’t do the same things because they aren’t trained.  In the old days people took French in school and when they were out of high school for 10 yrs. they would tell people that they took stuff like French that they’ll never use.  Well today people just don’t add, subtract, multiply and divide on paper.  They use computers, spreadsheets and databases.

My cousin is still in high school and he tells a story of a teacher who was “old school” and taught math.  He wanted his students to know how to do math in their heads and not rely on a computer to give them the answers.  Matthew (my cousin), was called on the carpet for now being able to answer what was to me, a simple math problem.  By being “called on the carpet”, Matthew meant that he had to come to the back of the room and clean the carpet that was stained by a leaking pipe!  Soap and lots of elbow grease and he still couldn’t get the stain out.  Should have called a professional carpet cleaner, lol!

Times have changed, so have people. Sometimes the old ways were better and sometimes not so much.  MyBirdBrain is going to help sort through the crap and help you to get to the bottom of things.  Let’s make life simpler through technology.

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