Drones Delivering Your Packages

When I watched cartoons just a couple of years ago, I really liked some of the old classics.  There was one called “The Jetson’s” about a family who lived in the future, drove flying cars and had a robot housekeeper.  It was a cool show because it was futuristic for the time that it was produced. Funny thing is that some of the wacky ideas that they had in the show actually came about and are common place today.  Seemed that everything was robotic and they even handled the mail  Now there was no such thing as email, texting or Facebook, but they did have computers.

There ‘s about to be a new delivery service beginning with Amazon Prime.  They plan to have drones deliver small packages right to your door within 30 minutes.  Seriously…  This beats the pizza guy!  Amazon plans to roll these drones out in 2016 and most likely will begin in the U.K.  Soon there will be thousands of drones flying through the air, delivering everything from packages to mail to prescription drug to hot pizza.

The big question is, “how are all of these drones going to avoid crashes?”  Seriously, how are they going to fly?  I realize that they need to be controlled by a central computer inside of the delivery company, but what happens when you have thousands of delivery companies flying drones?  What about the birds getting in the way?  What about airplanes?  What about the constant buzzing in the air with all those drones?  What if I’m trying to take a nap?  So may questions

So right about now, you’re probably thinking that I must be nuts and that there is no way that this is for real.  I have proof so I kid you not.

So, now you’ve seen that this is no joke.  Amazon is about to embark on something cool.  Also something that is a little frightening.  I love technology, but I don’t like noise and I don’t like things and people spying on me.  I’ve got no problem with nudity and if these drones catch me in the buff well, I feel sorry for the humans who may accidentally damage their retinas.  I never considered myself an Adonis, so as sorry as I may be, it’s not my fault that I look this way.  I do however like my privacy and having delivery drones flying through my airspace irritates me.

30 minute deliveries?  Do you really think that they can deliver a package to you in 30 minutes or less? Seems like over promising to me.  Maybe I’m wrong and all of this will become normal in a couple of years, but the skeptic in me says otherwise.  I applause Amazon for breaking new ground and if this all works as planned, how cool will it be to order online and have your new micro drone delivered by an Amazon drone?

I wonder if they’ll ever hook up with Guinness?  I’d love to order a cold growler of Guinness dropped at my door directly from the local pub,  with maybe a side of cheezy potato skins.  I may never need to leave my house again.  I wonder if they’ll eventually deliver fresh Atlantic lobster or king crab legs?  How about a nice porterhouse from Ruth’s Chris?  The possibilities are endless.

If I were  a postal worker I would be worried right about now.  Mail delivery to the home by a human could be evolving to a mobile delivery base with multiple drones dropping of packages in a 1 mile radius.  Once the deliveries are done, the mobile back could drive to the next launching location to deploy the deliver drones and a single human could do the work of 20. We may not be too far off from “Terminator Rise Of The Machines”.  Know anyone named John Connor?  Synthetic humans could be next!

Jeff Bezos changed the world with Amazon and he’s about to do it again in a new, exciting and scary way.  Hold on to your seats, it could be a bump ride!

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