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twitter-566341_640Twitter has become the untapped monster of social media marketing.  It’s been called blogging at the speed of light or “micro-blogging” but for me, I see it a little differently.  I like to compare it to dating.  When I met my wife, we had some nice long dates and we really got to know each other well before we got serious.  We dated, courted (yep it’s old fashioned but I like the word) and then we got engaged.  A normal process for most people.

Twitter marketing is different, it’s like speed dating.  You sit down and a virtual parade of beauties comes by and sits with you for a brief time.  Some you like, some you don’t.  Some are pretty and some are well… not so pretty.  Some you want to take to dinner and others you want to put out to pasture.

Twitter is like finding the perfect audience to market your product or service to and then, walking up to their front door, knocking and handing them a leaflet describing your services or product.  Some will buy right away.  Some will wait until they see your leaflet again and again lying on the counter.  Some will ignore you and unfollow you and others will be irritated by you.  No matter which way it goes, you can make a killing on Twitter.

Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn where people get sick of your spammy crap and want to fight with you for posting too much and too often.  Twitter happens so fast with its limit of 144 characters, spam is typically overlooked.  You can market several times a day without being an irritant to people.

The process is simple, you follow people and they typically return the favor by following you.  You build your following and share great info when you find it but make sure that it helps your followers.  Share articles, websites or business tips from your blog or others.  Thank people for connecting with you.  Give something away such as a digital version of a “tips” book.

Follow the 80 – 20 Rule.  Interact 80% of the time with your followers and market to them on 20% of the time and your results will be excellent.  You should devote 30 – 60 minutes each day to Twitter marketing to get the best results.  This can be a cumbersome task for many businesses and this is where some amazing software can take away 99% of the work.  Imagine turning on a software app in the morning and rest assured that all of your Twitter marketing will be done perfectly that day.  No employee needed to do the work, just some very sophisticated software that does all of the lifting for you.  Go here to see the best Twitter software on the market today.

The results with Twitter are astounding but it takes a business to commit to the daily task of marketing.  Sales will and do increase by using Twitter, so the choice of whether or not to use it is simple.  The next decision is to do it manually or to automate.  To me this is a simple choice to make, automate to fee your time to do other things.  It’s time to jump on Twitter, don’t wait because the time it now.


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